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- Hajakujo

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Agent S, I presume?

Increasingly, I am convinced of the inevitability and necessity of personality-attuned neurologically-interfaced semi-autonomous hierarchical software agents (PANISAHSA's?). An exo-cortex. I am a surfer on the crest of a techno-informatic wave, constantly on the verge of 'wiping out', and despite my skills, training, innate intelligence and constant effort to maintain my position, I have no guarantee of remaining current, wired, up-to-date. If you fall behind, you've fallen off, there's no catching up. So what I need, what would save me from obsoletion, is a system of information retreival and processing complex and powerful enough to handle the wired and well-connected world.

Santa, I wanna exo-cortex!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bush, Iraq and my 2 cents

KI-AI! Take that, neo-cons!
Filled out a media analysis survey for my sister, the media student. She is doing this qualitative survey for her course, and while I could comment on her scientific method, I'd rather just pontificate on the topics raised :D Here goes:

Media Analysis Survey

Q1 Which sources do you regularly locate your news from?

Random headlines from top of the gmail inbox, and friends sending online links, so mostly internet. But also headlines on papers in shops, tho I dont buy the papers for news

Q2 How and when did you first hear about George W. Bush?

A report (possibly in a paper or magazine) about how this redneck wannabe cowboy upstart was overhauling John McCain in the Republican primaries for the 2000 election, which sounded like bad news but no big deal since he could hardly go on to win the presidency, could he? Which was true.

Q3 What information was relayed to you in this first news report/article, etc.?

See above

Q3 What was your opinion of him initially?

A cowboy upstart. No, at first I really did think of him as a political anomaly and unlikely to have to worry about, as I underestimated the Bush family's power, since I was 12 when Poppa was in power.

Q4 Has that changed since then?


How and why?

I still would be surprised if there were no power behind the throne, but I do believe that when he is allowed to, he acts as he wants and is the most powerful man on earth. Thus he is a force to be reckoned with, a direct effect on my life and a very much a force for harm.

Q5 Did you feel positive or negative about George Bush's policies and actions post 9/11?


How and why?

Its empire building, pure and simple. Its destructive to take the resources of the worlds only superpower, garnered 30 years ago during the boom time of cheap energy, and squander them sending armies around the world chasing the dwindling stocks of oil instead of investing everything in ways to generate energy without destroying the world. There may be no way out of the energy trap, but at least it wouldn't be going backward.

Q6 Do you feel that the Bushisms, e.g. "I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully", affects the public's opinions of him?


How and why?

Say anything enough times and people begin to accept it as the truth, It wasn't very hard for everyone to believe that Bush was a simple man, and when they had a reason to dislike him, switching to believing he is a simpleton is a small step.

Q7 Do you feel that the Bushisms affect international public opinion more than U.S. public opinion?


How and why?

Most americans feel like Bush is similar to them, because he is fallible but in a christian way. I.e. he makes mistakes but ones that are publicly acceptable in circles where being morally 'upstanding' is important. Foreigners wouldn't ever feel similar to Bush, and so can feel scorn for him more easily.

Q8 Do you feel that George Bush's primitive speech may be used to his advantage?


How and why?

Well yes because it allows him to connect with the simple people who support his war and have little in the way of shades of grey in their beliefs.
But then again no because it makes him more devisive than if he appeared intellectual, but was still a Texan cowboy - if he was thusly, liberal classes might be able to at least trust the quality of his thinking, if not agree with anything he thinks. Now they just think he pulls everything out of his 'gut'...

Q8 What is your reaction to the term "Shock and Awe"?

reminds me of 'Blitzkrieg'

Q9 Do you think that it has played an important part in the U.S. public opinion on the war in Iraq?

Don't know

Q10 Have you seen any of the prisoner abuse photographs that have come into the public eye?


Q11 What were your feelings about them?

Resigned unsurprise

Q12 What images or thoughts come into your mind when you hear news reports about the war in Iraq?

Pictures I've seen of the exploded heads, where most of the skin remains but the insides have been squirted out...

Q13 In general, would you say that the tragedy of the war is apparent to you, or do you feel desensitised to it?

Oh, desensitised completely. I'd need direct contact stimulus to be moved by it.

Q14 Do you think that it is possible to consider the gravity of the situation each time you hear more news about the war in Iraq?

Yes. Because the gravity is global, yet the carnage is nothing special globally. So we can consider the widespread, longterm implications and how the situation will affect us. On the other hand, as the war on the ground goes on, so too it could be happening anywhere else, and is in Darfur, Lebanon, Palestine, Afghanistan, Central Africa...Thus, war is almost inevitable and meaningless on a personal level, until it affects one personally. And the farther effects of war are political, economic, social, all things which obey trends that can be predicted, if not accurately. So considering the gravity of the situation is just a matter of measuring the breadth, depth and longevity of the trends.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Playing with Fire...

Damn this is a little belated. Play 'Play with Fire'! Buy it, in fact. But at least try it. I know at least some of you out there would enjoy playing as a ball of flame, burning things up. Kris?

Why did it take me 3 months to plug this? Weird.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Pull the strings...

No one would have believed at the beginning of 2007 that human affairs (the AIIDE'07 conference) were being watched keenly and closely by intelligences greater than Man's. Yet, across the gulf of space on the planet Zenok Prime, intellects vast and cool and unsypathetic regarded Earth (actually just Stanford) with envious eyes, and slowly and surely, they joined their plans against us (them).


Yes, I shall shortly be invading! The plans have been laid, all is in readiness, all I need do now is play the waiting game.
And then, I too will know the way to San Jose. Its on the Caltrain, three stops down from Palo Alto, right?

I think I'll wear a flower in my hair...