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- Hajakujo

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bun Invaders!

First off, click here.

"Watch as I shoot upwards through my own shield!"
"He's a mad man, A MAD MAN!"

Once again, more bunny suicides here.

This page gives me an idea for a swishy 2D game, like an inverse Lemmings. Bunnies breed like rabbits, and their populations boom and bust, in the process devastating their locality for other small scale lifeforms. With this natural justification, it should be easy to devise game mechanics where you have to devise interesting ways for a bunch of reproducing, autonomous bunny agents to kill themselves. Involuntarily would be the obvious paradigm, traps and such, but voluntarily might be more fun. Imagine persuading a bunny character to kill himself by offing his affianced bride, then destroying the alcohol supply he would naturally turn too, then putting him in close proximity to other happy bunny couples. Or other tradegy and despair induced suicides. Then we'd really have a game!

One of these days :D