"All right action flows from the breath"
- Hajakujo

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Monday, December 11, 2006

mUsIc live, freedom love


Check out this cool, cool band...

The answer moves, but always leaves you clues.
Every new state will reflect a past face.
All this comes to he who does not look but waits.
When walking, stumble and jog to hold steady.

That's all I have to say.

Friday, December 08, 2006

"A great Eye, ever watchful!"

Saturn recently developed a superstorm over its south pole, the diameter of which is two thirds that of the Earth. Imagine, if it weren't for practical reality getting in the way, you could dip something the size of the Moon right in there without touching the sides. Cool.

Anyway, the point is that this news led me to this article, on this site, wherein I learnt about the electrical universe hypothesis. This hypothesis directly addresses one of the assumptions which I had about the local physik reality*, namely that the Earth has an electrical field, but it is localised and not linked to those of the other heavenly bodies. As I said in an earlier post, this assumption limits the capacity of the accessible electrical field, and in part caused me to drop or alter one of my mad notions about the nature of that part of our existence that some might say, concerns us most but is least well understood - the afterlife. What happens after life? Do we remain extant in any form? Where do we go if so? And so on.

Now, as if by magic, comes a new way of looking at the localised physik* that just might resuce the possibility in my mind of 'afterlife' phenomena without resorting to multi-extra-dimensional physical theories like String Theory. Which is good because, while I cannot criticise String Theory on any informed grounds, I am made uncomfortable in accepting it at face value simply because of its great self-divergence and lack of forward progress. But, if the electrical field extends beyond individual heavenly bodies, then we can imagine an infinite substrate on which to base the information storage/transmission necessary to allow some transference after death, of whatever pattern of energy it is that is associated with a living being.

It's all terribly pie in the sky, but quite a fun thought experiment. For if you grant it temporary credence, then you can start to think about all the exisiting faiths and metaphysics that rely on an afterlife concept of some sort but offer no rational physical explanation for it.

* Forgive my mad phraseology, but I just can't take myself too seriously when I write this stuff :D

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Free your country!


In my country there is problem,
And that problem is transport.
It take very very long,
Because Kazakhstan is big.

Chorus 1
Throw transport down the well (repeat line)
So my country can be free (repeat line)
We must make travel easy (repeat line)
Then we’ll have a big party (repeat line)

Verse 2
In my country there is problem
And that problem is the Jew
They take everybody money
And they never give it back

Chorus 2
Throw the jew down the well (repeat line)
So my country can be free (repeat line)
You must grab him by his horns (repeat line)
Then we have a big party (repeat line)

Verse 3
If you see the Jew coming
You must be carefull of his teeth
You must grab him by his money
And I tell you what to do

(Repeat Chorus 2 twice)

See it sung and played! Borat and his Cowboy Astoni-band! Yee-haw!
Then go and spread the message, that we can finally find a solution to the evil, thieving JEW. Not 'did you', but JEW.
(Perhaps these lyrics would be better set to some Vagner. I mean Wagner).

Friday, December 01, 2006

Wave of the future, Dude...

Jobs for the boys! All those poor schmos slaving over their hot cracked 3DS max 7 can now put their underemployed talents to use, slaving over hot cracks in their hot cracked 3DS max 7. All you need is a good imagination and some business savvy, like these guys. And real feelings!
Cool :D

(loook at these women...they've got dead eyes!)