"All right action flows from the breath"
- Hajakujo

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

4 months

Tomorrow marks the four month anniversary of the last blog post I made, and so I've decided to break my silence this once, just to prevent that momentous date from actually occuring. Very quickly after writing this, I will go back to the grind of trying to write a thesis in the face of massive and insolent procrastination and excessive alternative commitments of an unnecessary nature.

In other news the poll that I've had up for all that time, measuring the comprehensibility of my pieces, has returned a massive 10 results! Unless that was me, answering from multiple separate machines over the last 4 months and not remembering, this represents a huge jump in readership figures. Since there is nothing to read, I'll assume they've all gone away again.

Does anybody ever know what I'm talking about?
Fiendishly over the top50%5
I can't read, I just like the pictures50%5
Perfectly pitched0%0
Actually, a bit simple0%0
total votes: 10
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The results clearly show that nobody knows what I'm talking about, unless they can infer a lot from the mostly randomly chosen pictures. On second thought, all those who chose the 2nd option probably represent the increase in subscribers, and thus don't increase my 'readership', at all.